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Wilderness Medicine Workshops

This rotation includes many exciting and challenging workshops which are tailored to the outdoor activities available in the New River Gorge, which is well known for its world class whitewater rafting, rock climbing and rappelling.  In addtion to those featured below, there are also workshops offered in splinting improvisation, spinal immobilization, and orienteering.  We are hoping to add a search and rescue module for 2014.

Rope Rescue

This workshop includes the basics of knot tying, setting up hauling systems and lashing a victim into a stokes basket.   The basic hardware for rappelling and vertical rescue is also reviewed.  Some of these skills will be utilized in a final field exercise at the end of the course.

Swiftwater Rescue

The basics of swiftwater rescue are reviewed in this full day workshop.  This includes safe paddling, use of the rescue rope, and swiftwater navigation through the use of ferry angles.  Procedures for lifting a victim into a rescue boat and performing spinal immobilization in the water are also covered.

Wilderness Survival

This workshop covers many useful skills for surviving in the wilderness environment.  Creating a makeshift shelter, procuring fresh water, fire starting, and rescue signalling are some of the essentials that are reviewed.  How to pack the essentials for your wilderness excursion is included in our curriculum.  This year an overnight backpacking/survival exercise will be included.

Aeromedical Landing Zone Set-Up

Many victims of injury in the wilderness will require evacuation by helicopter, due to the remote locations involved.  This module relays the safety considerations of setting up a landing zone and working around a medical helicopter.  Proper patient packaging for transport is included.

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