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2023 Wilderness Medicine Schedule

Sunday, July 30th

​0800  Welcome                             Hrutkay

0900   Introduction to Basic Knots       Fledderus, Hrutkay, Waddell

1000    Rapid Trauma Assessment/Spinal Motion Restriction        Hrutkay, Fledderus, Waddell

1100     Trauma Assessment/Spinal Motion Restriction Workshop     Hrutkay, Fledderus, Waddell

1230     LUNCH ----    Provided by Wilderness Medicine Staff

1330     Water Purification and Procurement         Waddell

1430     High Altitude Illness       Hrutkay

1700     DINNER!!------Smokey's on the Gorge courtesy of Practice Link

Monday, July 31st

0900   Drowning             Lively

1000    Cold Injury and Trench Foot        Lively

1100      International Medicine        Waddell            

1200      LUNCH ----  TBA

1300-    Splinting Improvisation/Litter Carries Workshop      McGowan, Hrutkay, Fledderus


1500     Pediatrics in the Wilderness      Hamrick

1600     Knot Practice   

Tuesday, August 1st

0900     HEENT Emergencies             McGowan

1000      Preparation for Mass Gatherings       Seamann

1100       Edible Plants         Hrutkay

1200       LUNCH----Provided by the WVSOM Foundation

1300      Winter Backcountry Safety            Tranovich

1400      Expedition Medicine in Antarctica          McGowan

1500      Suspension Trauma         Carney

1600       Knot Practice                   

Wednesday, August 2nd

0900      Snake Envenomation          Waddell

1000-     Snake Presentation          Moose


1200        LUNCH----Provided by WVRHA

1300        Tale of Two Rescues             Scleza

1400        So You Want to be a Medical Team Leader      Scleza

1500-       Introduction to Search Management              Scleza


1600        Knot Practice       

Thursday, August 3rd

0900-    Rope Rescue Workshop                  Gray, Fayette County Vertical Rescue Team,

   1700         (Burnwood Park/NRG National Park)

 LUNCH----Provided by WVSOM SWC Northern Region

Friday, August 4th

      0900-    Rope Rescue Workshop                  Gray, Fayette County Vertical Rescue Team,

          1700        ((Burnwood Park/NRG National Park)

       LUNCH---WVSOM Statewide Campus

Saturday, August 5th

 Day OFF!!  Have fun in the Gorge!

Sunday, August 6th

   Day OFF!!  Have fun in the Gorge!

Monday, August 7th

0900    Expedition Soft Skills         Greene

1000     Lightning Injuries        Hinshaw

1100      Medically Directed Rescue       Hinshaw

1200      LUNCH ----Provided by WV Primary Care Association

1300      Burns in the Wilderness Setting        Hinshaw

1400     Women in the Wilderness         Rihter

1430      Heat-Related Illness          Rihter

1500      Animal Bites                            Carney

Tuesday, August 8th

0900    Terrorism        Luck

1000     Blast Injuries      Luck

1100      Rabies            Carney

1200      LUNCH----Provided by WVSOM Alumni Association

1300      Farm Injuries/Accidents     Luck

1400      Dive Emergencies          Hrutkay

1500      Poisonous Plants            Luck   

Wednesday, August 9th

 0900-    Swiftwater Rescue Workshop             Blankenship, Bess, Glasgow VFD Swiftwater Rescue Team, et.a.

     1600          (Kanawha Falls)

LUNCH----Provided by WVSOM Rural Outreach

Thursday, August 10th

0900-    Wilderness Survival Workshop            Waddell, Carney, Fledderus, Hrutkay, et. al.

    0000         (Burnwood Park/NRG National Park)

Friday, August 11th

0000-     Wilderness Survival Workshop completion             Waddell, Carney, Fledderus, Hrutkay, et. al.

   1200             (Burnwood Park/NRG National Park)

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